A powerful and comprehensive Records Management System for Law Enforcement


A powerful and comprehensive Records Management System for Law Enforcement


LogiKCo’s Records Management System is a comprehensive browser-based solution that organizes, stores, and transmits secure law enforcement and public safety information.

About Our RMS

Our RMS was developed in collaboration with and for law enforcement. As a result, it’s foundation is built on efficient master indices for People, Vehicles, Locations, Property, and Organizations. Accessible from multiple mobile devices, our RMS includes comprehensive querying and reporting functionality. It was designed to integrate with crucial third party applications such as Computer Aided Dispatch as well as Person and Vehicle Verification Systems. Narrative template capability, workflow management, and data sharing make this system an effective tool; allowing law enforcement to serve and protect their communities.

Incident Reporting

Actually, it’s Incident Reporting, Case Management, Arrest & Booking, Bulk Arrests, Property & Evidence Management, Warrants, Field Interviews…

Comprehensive Queries and Management Reports

An RMS isn’t an RMS without extensive reports to present the facts and figures.  Access, investigate, and connect a deep inventory of information with numerous queries.

Law and Order

LogiKCo understands that data collected for law enforcement must often go through strict protocol and workflow management.  So yes, we have that functionality built in!

Available on Mobile Devices!

Law Enforcement personnel are often in the field.  All that data is no use if they can’t access it on their mobile devices and Mobile Device Terminals.  Think Ahead. Think LogiKCo.

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